Questions for You, Dear Readers!

I started this blog about 5 months ago to be part of the large online community of runners, bloggers and blog readers. I wanted to reach out, meet new people and make new friends. I was also hoping to widen the circle of those I might be of benefit to, and maybe help runners, cancer survivors, or anyone I can be of service to in some way.

SO… that you have had some time to read multiple weeks of blog posts, I wanted to find out what YOU think about the blog.

Here are some questions I’d love you to answer (any or all of them) – but please feel free to comment on anything about the blog. I don’t promise to make changes, but I do promise to consider your comments and appreciate your giving of your time and ideas.

  • What do you want to read more about? Less about?
  • How does the M/W/F posting schedule work for you? Enough, too much, need a weekend post?
  • Do you want more or less info in the training week recaps (and what kind of info, specifically). Are you even reading them?
  • What other running-related topics would you like to see? Running book reviews, training plan discussions, nutrition, broader topics?
  • Should I do more or less linkups like Friday Five or Weekend Update?
  • How would you feel about an occasional post being a collection of interesting links I’ve found? (I usually tweet them right away.)
  • Are you interested in non-running topics – for example, lists of books I’m reading (possibly reviews), a bigger window into my life, some deep-ish thoughts I might have from time to time? Other non-running topics?
  • What do you want the blog to be? What do you need?
  • What do you come here for? (running tips, humor, just keeping up with an e-friend)
  • What, if anything, do you love about the blog? What doesn’t work for you?

Thanks for reading and commenting. It really does mean a lot to me to know that you’re out there, reading my words (!). I get excited when I see comments come in or that you RT’d a post. I’m truly grateful for your time and your support.

Happy Wednesday!