Friday Five – Fall Preview

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On this Labor Day weekend Friday (whew, we made it!), the theme is “Fall Preview”. You remember fall, right? Here’s some of what I’m looking forward to!


I just bought Elite Minds to add to my mental race preparation collection – a lot of reading and visualization between now and Baystate!

I’m looking at some new interesting training books that are out now like 80/20 by Matt Fitzgerald (recently on RunnerAcademy podcast about this book) and The Well-Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon (I’m not a triathlete, but I believe many of the same principles apply). I’ll also keep an eye out for Fast After 50 by Joe Friel (December).

I’ve pre-ordered Older Faster Stronger: What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer by Margaret Webb.

I’m also looking forward to a number of non-running related books, including:

Betrayed by Lisa Scottoline and some cozy paperback mysteries. I’m sure there are other books I’ll want as soon as I know they’re coming out!


Fall brings with it more squash, hopefully the return of the purple-inside/purple-outside (Stokes) sweet potatoes.

purple/purple sweet potatoes

purple/purple sweet potatoes

It also brings me one of my annual treats, apple cider! (about one cup a year, from a local provider at a farmers market) I might try to make some baked paleo apple cider cinnamon sugar doughnuts/holes I’ve seen recipes for, maybe this one or this one or this one. If you have a recipe recommendation, let me know!  I think I still have that mini doughnut pan I bought and never used. Weighing against making them – my laziness, schedule and fear of eating the whole batch. (that’s what the freezer is for!)

I’ll likely make my “low fat pumpkin no pie” at least once. Basically, make the regular filing recipe with egg beaters and low fat “milk” of some type, limit the sugar, bake as a custard. If I make it, I’ll try to remember to post pictures and the recipe! It’s great cold, hot, as a vegetable, dessert, breakfast, mixed in oats/quinoa (if you eat them).

my favorite coffee mug - it misses me

my favorite coffee mug – it misses me

I’m not sure why, but I’m REALLY craving coffee lately. Probably my memories of the alertness and comfort factor more than anything else. I even thought about bribing myself with an iced coffee from Starbucks if I did something, but the logistics of bringing my own sweetener, not being able to use their milks, and so on made that less fun the more I thought about it. So did worrying about what the acid would do to my stomach or if my system could handle that much caffeine after all this time. I’m wondering if an Aeropress (recommended by MidpackBiped as making less acidic coffee) might work for me, with some decaf. If you have an Aeropress, do you find it makes less acidic coffee? Do you love it? I’ve given up on the dandelion “coffee” I was using (too much acid kickup after) so my only other option for coffee – or, since it’s fall, faux pumpkin spice and gingerbread “latte” drinks is the sugar free Torani coffee syrup mixed with another sweet syrup, and that gets too sweet.

I’m thinking about reasonable ways to get back to my race weight before Baystate. My snacking habits have added a few pounds since then, and I’m not happy about it. Also, my training was going well (possibly better than it is now, but I have more stressors outside running right now) and raced well at a slightly lower weight, so it’s possible that “just a few” has more of an effect than it used to. I love my snacks (and of course, emotional/stress eating and night snacking are challenges for me). So, I’m trying to come up with ways to address this and knowing I’m running short on time. Labor Day might be a good “last fling” before really bearing down on this aspect of my training. I have plenty of willpower, I’m just using it for more things, and it is a bit finite. But, this is about choosing what I want more over what I want right now, and I can try harder.


As my training continues to ramp up and my day job/life is taking more energy, I may tweak posts, change post days, write about different things. I might also introduce some new themes (perhaps deeper subjects or some lighter, funnier or shorter ones) and join more or different linkups. I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten to my questions about what YOU want on the blog, and I’ll be working to incorporate some of your requests and suggestions. Thanks for reading, responding and caring enough to tell me what you think. Please keep the conversation going and let me know what you like, what you want more/less of, etc.!


You know this already….more training and finally, races!! (that sounds more confident/excited than I am just at the moment, working on it!)

Baystate Marathon – Oct 19

Richmond Marathon – Nov 17 (I need to contact them to use my deferral from last year and register for this ASAP!)

Across the Years – Dec 28 – Jan 3 (need to register for this and make travel arrangements)

I’ve thought about doing shorter races in between, but likely will not unless I jump into a holiday 5k in November or December. The recovery from something like a half cuts into my training too much, and for me, the shorter races aren’t worth giving up training time right now.

Aside from the above things I’m looking forward to, I love fall’s colors, temperatures, the feel and smell of crisp air, and all the wonderful and fun things that are part of the fall season, which is my favorite season by far. Think of the chill in the air (great for runs!), the sound of leaves scudding down the street in the wind and the play of light through the colors, sweaters, fireplaces and wood smoke. The only downside of fall being my primary racing season is that weekend long runs/races and fall weekend getaways don’t mix (especially with my dietary constraints), and the training plan/race schedule must rule.

Here are some lovely fall photos and trips to whet your appetite for the special beauty fall brings….I grew up in the Midwest, so am partial to the reds and oranges there, but I’ve learned to appreciate golden hues as well. It’s all good.

What’s your fall preview?  What are you looking forward to?