Almost Wordless Wednesday – Pool Time!

It occurred to me the other day, probably when getting odd looks from small children in the pool locker room, that I must look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon to them! (not that they’d know what that is)

The thought amused me, so I decided to share a little of it with you…Below is me in my neoprene shorts, long sleeve rash guard shirt and wet suit jacket. Why do I wear those items? Because even the (supposedly) 84-85 degree water in the instructional pool is too cold for me when pool running. (and btw it’s not that warm, I know what that’s felt like in the past) I might be able to tolerate it in a suit for a short swim.


pool time

pool time

You’ll just have to use your imagination to add my missing head (which has a swim cap and mask-style goggles on, as well as my waterproof iPod holder/headphones which attach to my goggles or to a bungee cord I strap to my head) AND the spiffy aqua-jogging float belt, with extra float pieces….hard to get the full effect without it, but this is probably enough for a Wednesday giggle.

What’s the goofiest you’ve looked/dressed for a workout? (I’m sure hoping this is my goofiest…..)

Happy hump day!