Midweek Fun – Running-Related Q&A

I found a running-related questionnaire on several blogs – Kim‘s last week, which borrowed from Audrey‘s the week before, which is based on an old one from the Another Mother Runner team of Sarah and Dimity!

In the spirit of trying new things and my recent Would You Rather and This or That posts, I thought I’d give it a whirl – with a few tweaks.

  1. Best run ever: Can’t choose between: 1) Shamrock BQ – proud of myself for that day and all the work, over years, that went into it and 2) first race post-cancer (a 5k at a race event where I’d already run half and full marathons) – I ran the whole way!
  2. Three words that describe my running: challenging, rewarding, essential.
  3. Go-to running outfit: Champion C9 racerback seamless bra, The North Face Better Than Naked split short, Feetures socks, Adrenalines
  4. Quirky habit while running: Not sure I have one. Either readjusting my yurbuds frequently or having to blow my nose (mostly training).
  5. Morning, midday, evening: morning
  6. I won’t run outside when it’s: too hot, too cold, raining, icy, too dark…..(you already knew this!) This is why I have my treadmill! 
  7. Worst injury and how I got over it: Posterior tibial tendinitis (don’t think they even call it that anymore) that I inflicted on myself training for a marathon in Oct. 2004. It’s never completely over, I don’t think, since if you’re on your feet, you’re loading the tendon, but it’s (knock wood) manageable. PT, orthotics (at least 4 different kinds over the years), shoe changes, trigger point, cautious training, chiro. 
  8. Felt most like a badass when: Can’t choose among: my BQ, running 25.2 miles on my treadmill, or running 23 miles on the mill w/o fuel.
  9. Personal best in marathon or half marathon: 3:49:35 (full)
  10. Next race: Baystate Marathon 10/19/2014
  11. Running goal for 2014: BQ – done! (remaining 2014 goals: BQ again even faster, do my first ultra, and become a Marathon Maniac)
  12. What GPS watch do you use, if you do? (if not, why?) Garmin 620 (in Meb white)
  13. How do you stay motivated to run through everything else going on in life, weather, etc? Eyes on the prize/goal of my race. Every training day matters. Plus, I get more nuts if I don’t run, not good for me OR DH (or coworkers, or anyone who has to deal with me).
  14. Favorite post-run treat: Saturday evenings (long run day), I’ve been loving BBQ ribs and grilled hamburger from a local BBQ joint. Immediately post-run, I’d have to say my Ultragen recovery drink or fresh watermelon/frozen fruit chunks.
  15. During-run nutrition product you love, one you can’t stand, and one you want to try: Love my EFS Liquid Shot vanilla gel. Can’t stand PowerGel, haven’t had it in years. Trained with it for my first couple marathons and burned out on the sticky-sweet thickness of the French Vanilla (like frosting) and the Strawberry (like yogurt). Hear it’s improved now but still shudder at the thought. Want to try Gu Salted Caramel since people rave about it, also want to try their Jet Blackberry flavor since I heard Deena Kastor likes is and finds the caffeine helpful late in a race. My tummy’s so picky I’m not sure I’ll experiment though.

 So what are your answers? What questions would you add to the list?

Bonus Q – I have fairly regular topics on M/F, so what would you like to read about on Wednesdays? Got any suggestions/requests?