Training Recap – Week of July 14, 2014

Last week (I think) of my speedwork module, then we start the 12 week training plan for Baystate. (feels like I’m already out of time!) This coming week (7/21) will be a little different as I need to be in the office M-W and will be in an all-day meeting on T/W. (gak – at least people will tolerate my getting up and standing against a wall for a while, but it still throws off a lot of my schedule – runs, chiro appt, food) But hey, I’ll adjust, and there are so few annoying things about my job I can’t really complain!

Remember last Sunday I tested the elliptigo. I don’t think it’s related, but Sunday night my right hip felt “off”, like it wasn’t seated quite right. Monday morning when I got up, the outside/back of my R knee hurt when I moved the leg – not loaded it with weight but swung it forward. Figured it had to be something in hip/attached to hip.

Thank goodness for the flexibility of my job! (see, back to the good stuff about my job) I cut back my bike (it didn’t hurt most of the time on the bike) and got ready to leave for work, but called my chiro’s office and got him before opening. Amazingly they had a lunchtime opening they didn’t have a wait list for, so I took it and told my boss I needed to telework. Chiro said it was the “bicep femoris” in my R ham, worked on it, did some e-stim and Graston, and gave me a new stretch to do. I’d had similar on my left, though it has gotten much better, but that had only hurt while stretching, so I hadn’t made the connection. He talked me down and said he thought it would only be a blip if I managed it carefully. Plus, I usually see him on Tuesday, so he’d have another chance to check. It did get better. Now I’ve got one more stretch I’m doing multiple times a day.

Run: 52 miles!

  • T – 10.1mi:  2.5mi warmup, then 2x (1mi at 12sec faster than GMP, 0.5 recovery), then 0.5 recovery pace, then 4mi ez pace. Last mile best mile, felt like I opened my stride up. Plan for day had been 5-6 1mi reps at 13-25s faster than GMP, was nervous going into this because of hamstring and during warmup felt like trying to push would be too much risk today given that and fatigue.
  • W – 5.15 ez pace miles. Felt the effort but felt again like I was opening my stride more.
  • Th – 11mi This day started with a horrible stomach ache that had me up since 330am. Suboptimal for sure, and no apparent reason. Anyway – 10 mi ez pace then strides 6x (10s 23s faster than MGP, 50 sec ez) finished with 0.4 ez. More leg effort than cardio but still tired. Felt this run in hams & glutes.
  • Sat – 20.5mi! My first 20 miler since Shamrock. All ez pace miles, but 2nd half felt better than first. Went back to Beet Elite before and Liquid Shot gel mixed w/ water. Took in about 60 calories of gel+water at mi 10 & 13, 80 at mi 16. Ice water to drink, but drinking only at Baystate water stops (which are kind of weirdly spaced…but it’s a 2 loop course, new for me). Noted weird quivering in my R ITB on and off during the run. Felt run in glutes and hip flexors. Toward the end, my R calf had a tight spot. Finished and spent 30 min on the bike with my recovery drink. Then did Myrtl mobility exercises, then an hour later did my Whartons and about 25 min of foam rolling and trigger point. Did some roll recovery on my ITBs – L sorer than R, but only R quivers – in the evening while watching TV.
  • Sun – 5.25mi Another not good night of sleep – for reasons I’ll skip, was awake until about 3am. Pill alarm goes off at 4. Then I woke up around 630 and got up. Since it had been a tough night, I decided to run inside. Wasn’t sure I was going to run, even walking around and doing my walking warmup, my ITBs hurt. But strangely, they didn’t hurt while I was running (or only an occasional moment). Post-run, did my Myrtil mobility. Will do Whartons before dinner. Hoping the recovery miles helped my legs and glad they helped my mileage total! Makes me happier to be over 50. (I know, I know….fighting the mileage monster, but I really want to be 50+ when I start my marathon training)

Bike: 2 – 30 min Monday – due to weird knee problem, 1h Friday, plus 30 min after Saturday’s long run
Core: 3 (M/Tues/Th) – my core workouts felt really wimpy this week, arms tired & sore, cut back on reps/duration – could this be because of adding the GSM and Myrtls? Not liking having to pull back.
Wharton flex: Mon, Tues, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat, Sun
Yoga: None. Unless you count bow pose and my core routine. 
Chiro exercises: None. Runs and GSM/Myrtl seem to be what I can handle right now, which is concerning. 
Myrtl routine: 2 full (T/Th), 2 partial (Sat & Sun – only mobility work)
Calf stretches: T, Th, Sat, Sun
Elliptical: None. Only in the office on Wed this week. Next week doesn’t look great – the days I’m in the office are wall-to-wall meetings.
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse, karaoke
Other: weekly chiro visit plus the extra one on Monday

Have a great week!