This or That: non-running edition

I enjoyed the “would you rather” post I did recently. I believe the concept was based on the usually lighthearted “this or that”, so I thought I’d give one of those types of posts a try.

Note: for many of the food ones, I no longer eat that food/type of food (but you can tell I still think about and miss some of them) so I answered from my last recollection of them.

Let me know what your answers are – and what you think of this post – in the comments!

On a PB&J sandwich – grape or strawberry for the j?

Grape. I think this choice goes by family (and possibly region). I think it’s usually what you grew up with. I go grape, DH strawberry. I’d never even had strawberry jam till I was out of the house, much less considered it on a PB&J.  My mom was allergic to strawberries, that probably had something to do with it.

PB (or other nut butter) – creamy or crunchy?

Crunchy. I grew up on creamy…maybe that’s why I like crunchy now, was more “exotic” and rare growing up. Another example of it being what you grew up with….my parents bought Jif, my grandparents, Skippy. I liked Jif better. Of course now I only eat natural (and non-peanut) nut butters.

Coke or Pepsi? 

Regular Coke, diet Pepsi. I grew up with regular Pepsi at home, so Coke was a treat at my cool girlfriend’s house. (along w/ nacho cheese Doritos!) Introduced to the extra-special Fresca at my grandparents’ house….and my sister drank TAB. (what a taste that was! only thing worse was diet Coke) I did have regular Coke recently, when I had that stomach bug: regular Coke, gone flat, was all I could manage to get down. But one of those individual plastic bottles (16 ounce) over 2 days was plenty. I couldn’t recall the last time before that I’d had it as I’d been diet-only for so many years and have been off soda entirely for several years now. Coke Zero was pretty great for a diet, if I recall.

Ice cream – chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla, high quality, unless it’s the chocolate w/ chips & brownie bits in it that DH & I found somewhere in Baltimore on a trip a number of years ago – I believe it was Lee’s Death by Chocolate.

Coffee or tea?


French Fries or onion rings?


Bacon or sausage?


Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes. I have fond memories of pumpkin pancakes at a place out in Naperville IL – I often spiked them with bacon or chocolate chips, yum.

Doughnuts – yeast or cake?

Cake. My favorites had always been powdered sugar (from wherever) or cinnamon sugar from the summer Farmers’ Market in Oak Park IL – fresh from the fryer, so hot the sugar was melting into them. I was never that fond of yeast doughnuts till my DH introduced me to Krispy Kreme on a trip to visit his brother in Atlanta. The hot glazed yeast doughnuts were a revelation – I understood how and why people could eat more than 1 of them (an honor formerly reserved for the cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar ones from the Farmers’ Market. At some point after that, I had the good fortune to have a Krispy Kreme chocolate cake doughnut with vanilla glaze, hot….swoon. (hadn’t liked chocolate doughnuts before that)

Hamburgers or hotdogs?


Movies or TV shows?

TV shows. There are more of them (that are better) to choose from, and they don’t take as much time.

Kirk or Picard?

Both. (“my game, my rules”, to quote Dave McGillivray!) Kirk was my first crush…but I’d follow Picard.

Fiction or nonfiction?

Nonfiction. I’m using fiction to mean novel, not mystery or sci-fi/fantasy, in which case I tie.

Shower or bath?

Shower. I get too cold in bathtubs.

Rather be cold or hot?


Stay up late or hit the hay early?

Bed earlier than I’d like from necessity and choice.