People I’d Like to Run With

I’ve already been fortunate enough to run with Bart Yasso (group shakeout run before Shamrock) and it was just as great as I’d been led to believe it would be. He was gracious and took time to sit and chat with the group afterward.

That experience and some other podcasts, events, and just random thinking made me compile this list of people I’d like to run with. These are the fairly well-known folks (“famous”) people I’d like to run with. I find them inspiring and interesting, and bet we’d have some good conversations. I may do another list of lesser-known folks I’d like to run with….


Dean Karnazes

Mike Wardian

Joan Benoit Samuelson

Jonny Lee Miller

Dave McGillivray

Meghan Arbogast

Ann Trason 

I keep thinking of more people to add to the list!

Who’s on your “I’d love to run with….” list, and why?