Training Recap – Week of June 9, 2014

This past week was a recovery week following the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half. (posts here and here). Strangely, I felt sorer and more tired as the week progressed, despite taking it easy and getting more sleep (helped by some time off work). Nothing really new except some calf tightness, especially immediately above the Achilles (I’m thinking from the hills). Mostly the regular glute min and tweaky hams. The low energy and late-onset soreness is a bit disappointing and irritating, but experienced coach folks reminded me that it can take 2 weeks to recover fully from a half. Hoping next week sees me back full power (or closer) as there’s training to be done!

In other running news, I bought myself a new Garmin (white like Meb!) for my birthday, can’t wait to get it.

I am going to be selling my gently used Garmin 610 AS IS, with all accessories & gizmos. If you’re interested, let me know.

Run: 27 miles

  • W – 3.15mi ez pace (first run since race, knees hurt first 0.5, fine after that)
  • Th – 6.5mi ez pace, 1st mile warmup, 5.5 30s faster (birthday! not in a new age group yet….)
  • Sat – 10 mi ez pace, 1st mile warmup, 5.5 30s faster. No gel. Tireder (a word?) and sorer than I’d like or have expected.
  • Sun – 7.35 mi, ez/recovery pace. Still tired (despite 4 nights of 8h of total sleep each night – my usual 3-4 wakeups per night) and my legs felt worse after this run than after last week’s race! Just don’t get it. Hoping I’ll start to bounce back this coming week.

Bike: 3 – 1h (M/T/F), plus 25 min after Saturday’s run, 15 min after Sunday’s
Core: 3 (M/W/F) – incl Lauren Fleshman moves, still tough, a little less sore…did help me discover I’d bruised my R hip bone in the fall as well, barely enough to bruise but enough to feel in those side plank Fleshman moves. Core seems to be taking a toll on my arms too, planking and downward dogging. Hoping I’ll be getting stronger.
Wharton flex: M-F. Saturday I just completely forgot until after dinner, then said, “nope”. As I sit here writing this update Sunday, I’d say there’s only a 50% chance I’ll do them today, so I won’t count it.
Yoga: Again, none, and no real reason/excuse. I don’t even know if I thought of doing it except on Sunday afternoon, when I got sucked in to blog post drafting. (not great prioritization)
Chiro exercises: 0 – did try to take a few “ohnos” steps on Tuesday and thought “nope, not yet”
Calf stretches: a few days, not enough 
Elliptical – none, was only in the office (where I have access) W and had something else I had to do, probably would have been pushing my luck anyway
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups plus maybe another mile at lunch on W
Other: weekly chiro visit, massage Th

Remember I said I wasn’t keeping up with trigger point and roll recovery well? I did it a couple of times this week but not enough, kind of just let it go. I *feel* fine (not sick), just kind of low energy and not on my game. The ancillary stuff matters, and my performances prove it. Trying to cut myself a little slack and not beat myself up. Hoping next week will see me back on form physically and mentally so I can get back to training. Only 18 weeks to Baystate, and there’s work to be done!

How do you recover in the week or two after a race? Got any tips or tricks for me?

Have a great week!