Training Recap – Week of June 23, 2014

This week’s training showed some improvement from last week (this week is between 2 and 3 weeks post-half). But there were also some signs of outside stress taking its toll I think, in terms of fatigue/energy level, mood and soreness (outside stress: family/medical stuff, boss announcing departure, busier at work, DH workload/hours increasing). Finally got rid of the last scabs on knee from my fall during the half!

Reminder: I  am going to be selling my gently used Garmin 610 “AS IS”, with all accessories & gizmos. If you’re interested, let me know.

Run: 45.25 miles (yesss! back over 45!)

  • T – 8mi: Took UCAN before walking warmup. Run: 1mi warmup, 1mi 30s faster, 0.5mi 30s faster, 4mi at GOAL PACE! 1.5mi cool. This was a tough one! HARD, hung on, tiring, very hot, kept dumping ice water from my water bottle on hands and then splashing face, arms. (and this is inside, in a/c, with fans blowing on me) UCAN protein shake after. Seems to help dampen appetite. Not really hungry till 2pm.
  • W – 5mi: recovery pace
  • Th – 11mi: Took UCAN before my walking warmup. Run 2mi warmup, 8mi 30s faster (all hard, felt like a lot of effort, lots of soreness and tightness) then 6x20s strides w 40 sec recovery then 0.4mi cool.  Mental push to keep going. No idea how I got that one done. Took UCAN protein after. Had brief blood sugar drop after sweet potato/NB but recovered. Not really hungry till 2pm. Noting sensitivity in extensors on top of foot and shins. (concerned as had problems with this last August – speed or shoes?) Any pressure on top of foot, ankle join seems too much – socks or shoes.
  • Sat – 16mi: Long run paces. 3mi at lowest end of range, 13mi 20s faster. Tied shoes looser to help tops of feet. Lemonade UCAN before walking warmup. Made a solution of 1/2 packet of Lemonade UCAN w 3oz of water, put in Hammer flask, took it at mile 10. Effort, felt sluggish, a little sore. Didn’t drink much water (the UCAN before is a lot, then took some sips of ice water, then the solution at mile 10) but wasn’t that thirsty. Think I overdid trigger point on calves Friday evening, they were sore from the start – eased up after a few miles, then soreness/tightness came back and lasted all day/night. Feels like I need a good massage. (having scheduling issues) Tried different post-long-run eating – choc UCAN after, then went for more protein/fiber/fat than carbs. 1 slice of coconut paleo bread w/ avocado & egg white, 1 slice paleo cinn raisin bread with nut butter. A couple hours later had a peach. Trying to eat more to hunger than force calories. Save some for tomorrow if nothing else.
  • Sun – 5.25mi (outside, with my new Garmin!): should have been a slower paced recovery run (especially with temps around 70 and humidity above 70% at start, below 70 at finish and lots of sun) but I ran just by feel and every mile got faster. They all felt “not easy” (except for one brief section where I saw an instant pace and thought – hey that feels ok). The last 2.25mi were faster than my current marathon/half PR pace, and the last 0.25 (when calculated as mile pace) would have been only 10s slower than my target goal pace. There were some minor uphills and downhills which I’m sure affected pace so I got some free speed but evened it out on uphill. Pretty hot and thirsty by the end of it. Sucked down 16+ ounces of UCAN Hydrate on the porch while doing a few post-run stretches. I’d made the drink yesterday but didn’t want it then and stuck it in the fridge (threw in some ice today) – went down really well.

Bike: 2 – 1h (M/F), plus 30 min after Saturday’s run
Core: 3 (M/W/F)  
Wharton flex: 4-5 M, W, Th, F, Sun – skipped Tues and Sat. 
Yoga: None. I could make excuses about stress and other stuff but the fact remains I didn’t get any done.
Chiro exercises: None. Legs sore from runs. 
Calf stretches: 3 – T, Th, Sun (before run)
Elliptical: None. Busy in the office (the 2d I was there) this week and still operating on the “don’t push your luck” recovery strategy. 
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups 
Drills: before every run – lunge matrix, high knees, skips, butt kicks, butt kicks moving in reverse (wakes up glutes big time), karaoke
Other: weekly chiro visit

June mileage: 154.95 included Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half & recovery. Definitely need to get this back up.

Have a great week!