Training Recap – Week of June 2, 2014

This past week, it was back to a “regular” schedule, with the only change being teleworking on Friday and cutting short my W/Th runs. Oh, and traveling to Boston on Saturday for the Heartbreak Hill Half on Sunday. (recap to come)

This coming week (starting 6/9) I took off work M (post-race), Th & F (yay!) and am teleworking Tuesday as usual. My current plan is not to run M/T, see how I feel W, definitely want to run Th, XT F, long-ish run Sat and shorter run Sunday. Was gong to hit the pool M/T but the scrapes from my fall will likely prohibit that (boo, great recovery, and inspired to swim more by Shalane) so probably mostly bike….assuming my knee scrapes, which currently don’t like bending, don’t scream too much. I’ll figure something out. If I have to I can just walk on the treadmill.

Run: 35.6 miles, including the race

  • T – 10mi: 1mi warm, 1mi 30s faster, 7mi 30s faster (still in ez pace zone) and from mi 6 to late 7, 10x 15sec hill reps 5% w 1:45 recovery 0%, finished mi 9 at 0%, then last mile at cooldown pace, 0.5 mi at usual 1%, 0.5 at 0%. No gel.
  • W – 4mi: low end ez/recovery pace, really feeling yesterday’s workout in my hams, especially the left (crankier) one
  • Th – 6.5mi: 1.15mi warm, then 30s faster (still ez pace zone) w/ 0.05mi surges each mile starting at 2 (6 surges/strides in all) – first one 0.05 between old and new goal paces, next 4 surges 0.05 at goal pace, then at last surge 0.15 at the first surge pace. Kind of made this one up, was supposed to be ez with strides at end, but I’ve read about workouts where you surge at various points to try to simulate passing someone in a race, and thought I’d try it out. Was still feeling Tuesday’s hill rep workout in hams, glutes, hips and was really tired and kind of down all day.
  • Sat – shakeout run on tmill before heading to airport
  • Sun – Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon, Newton MA (aka BOSTON) – didn’t PR but wasn’t far off, despite a fall at mile 4! (think that was where it was) Beat my time goal (and I think the pacer I started with). More to come in the recap.  (Glad I took Monday off work!)

Bike: 2 – 1h (M/F),
Core: 3 (M/W/F am – incl Lauren Fleshman moves, still increasing reps, added a couple other exercises – still tough, a little less sore) 
Wharton flex: M-F – skipped Sat due to getting to hotel just before 9pm, Sunday because….well, no good reason, i just didn’t want to.
Yoga: Standing Hip Openers after chiro exercises on Tuesday. I have to pick this up or drop my yogavibes subscription – the 15 day free trial + free month must be almost up and I’m not really using it. A time/priority/energy issue rather than desire or quality.
Chiro exercises: 1 – Tues, went pretty well. Just completely forgot to do them Thurs, didn’t realize it till Friday morning. Probably ok given the race.
Calf stretches: 1 – maybe 2. Not enough. 
Elliptical – none, “tapering” so decided not do add anything to my quads 
Walk: just my pre-run 15 min warmups
Other: weekly chiro visit

Note: I’m not keeping up with my trigger point and roll recovery well. Will try to pick that up after the half. I imagine I’ll feel the need.

Did you race this past weekend? Do you do a shakeout run the day before and/or day of a race? 

Have a great week!