Training Recap – Week of June 16, 2014

Apparently this was still a recovery week (so decreed my body), darn it! I’m trying to be patient with myself and my body, but it is a constant challenge. I’m realizing that taking 2 weeks (so far) to recover from a hilly, hot half marathon probably means I won’t do the “metric marathon” in Maryland in September that I was considering. It’s only 4 weeks before Baystate, and I just can’t give up that much time to recovery in the last month of a marathon training plan. To be fair to myself, it also got quite hot and humid here this week (though I’m mostly in a/c, it’s still a stressor) and work was busier and more stressful than it has been in quite a while. (Starting one of those phases….) Plus some minor family stuff going on (which is improving) and probably not the recipe for a power week.

Reminder: I  am going to be selling my gently used Garmin 610 AS IS, with all accessories & gizmos. If you’re interested, let me know.

Run: 40.1 miles (woot! back over 40!)

  • T – 8mi: 1 mi w/u, 3mi 30sec faster, 4mi 26 sec faster. Last 2 mi felt hard. L knee & L back pelvis/hip bugged me. Chiro adjusted. Allergies/sinuses bugging me.
  • W – 4mi: 1 mi w/u, 2mi 30sec faster, 1mi 33sec faster.
  • Th – 8mi goal pace run: 1mi w/u, 1mi 30s faster, 1mi 30s faster, 3.2mi goal pace, 1.8 c/d. First try of Generation UCAN before. May have done it too much before, felt a bit of a drop off 90min after taking it, but nothing as extreme as a blood sugar crash/bonk. Did get a nice alertness and energy from it though, in my walking warmup my legs wanted to run! And I had better energy, alertness and mood the rest of the day, well into the evening.
  • Sat – 13.6mi: 1mi w/u, 6.5mi 10s faster (brief bio break) 4 mi same pace then 1mi 10s faster, 1mi 10s faster. Second half of run felt better energy. Took UCAN during walking warmup, didn’t get the same feeling. Maybe walking makes digestion shut down and it didn’t get into my system? Or it just takes a certain amount of time to do so? It’s an experiment. Overall, tired and sore from Thursday’s goal pace run. Tried UCAN vanilla protein drink after (didn’t like the taste but improved blood sugar – may stick with Ultragen, who knows.)
  • Sun – 6.5mi (tmill): all recovery pace. Was going to run outside but new Garmin (which I thought I’d charged) gave me low battery warning, the only excuse I needed to avoid the humidity. Still sore, low energy. Blaming dratted hormones for at least some of this. Also, it has only been two weeks since the Heartbreak Hill Half. Tried UCAN chocolate protein drink, or half anyway (made the whole thing, put half away) after my run, even though I’m not supposed to have chocolate. (took something to counteract the effect on my stomach) Definitely the winner taste-wise between that and vanilla. It didn’t seem to upset my stomach and as it did yesterday helped with the blood sugar drops/extreme hunger I almost always get after eating my JSP (Japanese sweet potato) and nut butter.  That alone may be reason to use it from time to time.

Bike: 2 – 1h (M/F), plus 30 min after Saturday’s run
Core: 3 (M/W/F) – wimpy earlier in the week, better on Friday 
Wharton flex: (didn’t log Monday…) 5 so far (T-Sat) Blew off Sunday’s to write Wed’s blog post while sitting on the porch.
Yoga: Tried to do a yoga vibes Sage routine on Monday – wound up being way shorter due to computer streaming issues. Argh. Again, none, and no real reason/excuse for not doing more or better. 
Chiro exercises: 1! Thursday. Had to step the “ohnos” (skaters) instead of leap, but got the rest done
Calf stretches: a few days, not enough 
Elliptical – none, very busy in office this week and still operating on the “don’t push your luck” recovery strategy 
Walk: pre-run 15 min warmups 
Other: weekly chiro visit

Have a great week!