Friday Five – Five Ways to Beat the Heat

Hot enough for you? I miss the polar vortex….

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This week’s theme is “Five Ways to Beat the Heat”….most of these I’ve tried, noted where I haven’t.


Inside on a treadmill with the a/c cranked & fans blowing on you! (my fave, of course)

In shade, early morning

Closer to sundown

Near a pool you can jump in afterward – will cool you and help your muscles (I know some running clubs do track work near public pools)


Eat popsicles or frozen fruit to cool you more quickly – an ice cube held in the mouth will work (or fresh watermelon).

Keep a washcloth soaked in a bowl of ice water in the fridge – wring it out and place it on the back of your neck or other quick cooling points.

At home:

Keep your blinds and curtains closed while you’re at work for the day, helps keep the house cooler and the a/c doesn’t have to work so hard.

If the heat (with or without a/c) is making it hard to sleep, consider putting your pillowcase in a ziploc in the freezer for a little while before bed. Being cooler helps you sleep better. (you could put the whole sheet set in, but then you have to make the bed!)

Another “too hot to sleep” trick – set up a fan to blow across you on the bed, either full-on or oscillating back and forth. You can dampen your sheets if it’s not too humid, and the water evaporating as the fan blows may help you feel cooler.

If you’re going to be outside for a while:

Consider clothing like Sun Precautions/Coolibar (see my Sun Protection post) – in addition to sun skin protection, they do provide some protection from the heat of the sun.

Wear a hat or a visor (you can soak them in cold water if needed).

Use a cooling neck wrap or towel (on amazon or in sporting goods stores) Good for golfers, yard work, playing tourist – you soak in water and then tie it around your neck, the evaporative cooling helps and having it on your neck cools more blood as it flows through your body.

Carry a folding paper fan to make a breeze for yourself while standing, sitting, waiting for Metro….sometimes you’ll see cute or pretty ones sold in stores, but you can buy a bunch cheap online, so you can give them to others and not have to worry about losing them.

Any time:

Peppermint soap, shower gels and lotion – I loved Bliss Minty Shower Gel (discontinued) which made your skin feel colder as you used it due to the strength of the peppermint oil. They have a Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap (with scrub grains) and a Minty Shower Scrub (again, grains) that might do the trick. I used the soap before but preferred the gel, maybe the soap is worth another try. Bliss is pricey though. Dr. Bronner’s makes a peppermint soap but it’s not strong enough to feel cooling. I know L’Occitane and Bath & Body Works have peppermint/cooling products as well, particularly for feet/bath – I may read the reviews and give them a try. A hand lotion in the office or a soap/gel in the gym bag might be a nice idea in the sticky weather we’re having.

Wear ice! (ok, not exactly) Created for women having hot flashes in “that time of life” aka menopause – Hot Girls Pearls – huge costume jewelry pearls you put in the freezer then wear. I haven’t tried these as they’re not my style and they’re not cheap but it’s an interesting idea.

Carry an insulated container of ice water for your commute (I like Klean Kanteen insulated). You never know when it might come in handy for you or someone else!

Bonus tip: before your run, pre-cool with a “slushy” or iced drink or follow other tips here. If you’re willing to spend the bucks or have a real intolerance for heat, you can get a cooling vest like those used by Deena Kastor and Meb (Meb!) before the Olympics. The same company also makes neck wraps of two types and a cooling cap.

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Happy Friday – stay cool and safe!