Five Things About Me – Summer Movies

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This week’s theme is “5 things about me”.

I was thinking recently that I miss the good old summer blockbuster movies. They just don’t seem to be making ’em like they used to. (and get off my lawn! <joke>) I haven’t been to a movie in a theater in years and don’t miss it, preferring the comforts of home. But there was a time…..take a trip with me back to summers past, and join me in fond memories of five movies.

  • First movie I remember seeing in a theater – Star Wars, with my dad. My first encounter with (beginning of my crush on) Harrison Ford. Loved Princess Leia, an early “feisty chick” role model, at least for that era…but I remember thinking “I’m already taller than she is!” I always thought Luke was an annoying wimp. It wasn’t till later I figured out that maybe the character was supposed to be that way.
  • First movie I saw over and over and over – Raiders of the Lost Ark (released on my birthday!) I think the first time I saw it was with my Dad, who mentioned how much it reminded me of the serials and movies of his childhood. (as Spielberg/Lucas intended) Again, couldn’t go wrong with Harrison Ford, and I really wanted to be Karen Allen. Or maybe Marion Ravenwood. Or both. I was obsessed with this movie, getting the storyboard book and absorbing all the trivia and details about the making of the movie. (for example, do you know why Indy shot the big guy whirling the machete around in the market fight scene? I do!) I can hear the wonderful theme song in my head just thinking about the movie. I was SO disappointed with the sequel (yeah, I know, prequel). It’s the only movie I ever walked out of and I did so because 1) no Karen Allen?! I mean seriously, I didn’t care that Kate Capshaw was dating/marrying Spielberg, that’s no excuse, nor was where the action fell in the characters’ histories and 2) those bugs… way. The third movie, adding the “can’t go wrong with” Sean Connery, was a treat. However, much as I love the characters, I kinda wish they’d left well enough alone and not made the most recent one. 
  • One of my favorites, a classic summer “popcorn” movie, is Die Hard, which I still love. Attitude, humor, explosions, and Alan Rickman, chewing up the scenery in his own incredibly talented way. I even enjoyed Die Hard 2 (as DH winces from the “total” lack of reality regarding the airport scenarios….) and Die Hard 3. I didn’t think much of Die Hard 4 (barely remember seeing it) and refused to see Die Hard 5. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
  • Movie that came along at just the right time in my life: The Abyss (probably tied with Raiders for the movie I’ve seen most times between theatre, cable and VHS/DVD). Starring my hometown’s own supremely talented Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (recently in NBC’s Grimm) as an incredibly smart, strong-willed woman in charge of things technical and tough, it gave me an image of someone in a job similar to one I had just decided I wanted. She helped firm my resolve and give me a model to follow. It didn’t hurt that Ed Harris (a fave) was the male lead and that the relationship between the two leads was charming and heartfelt even though dysfunctional. I was way more obsessed with this movie – and everything and anything related, including a phase of learning about submersibles and diving – than I’d ever been with Raiders. But it truly helped me change my life and achieve a huge dream goal. (and say what you will, James Cameron’s strong women in Terminator, Alien(s) and Abyss are outstanding and more real than many such leads)
  • Treated to myself on a significant birthday: a mid-afternoon showing of The Rock with Sean Connery and Ed Harris – alone, with all the goodies I wanted, in a mostly empty theater. Ahhhhh.

What are your favorite summer blockbusters? Were any movies influential in your life?