Training Recap – Week of May 12, 2014

Anyone else wondering how it’s the middle of May already?! Last week, my scheduling was affected by needing to get my car serviced (messed up W & Th after work free time) and by having to be in the office M/W/Th (which will happen again next week).

Run: 51.29 mi Back over 50, woot!

T – 8.25mi in the morning, short and medium hill repeats at ez pace, 2 mi after work at ez pace but a little bonky
W – 6 mi, ez pace, mostly at 0% incline to help my hams out after the hill repeats
Th – 10mi ez pace (increasing ez pace through run) w/ 10 strides after 6 mi
Sat – 18.5mi long run, increased pace every 6mi; noticed my legs felt different, think the elliptical is already helping. Glad to get 18.
Sun – 6.54 mi run OUTSIDE, ran some of the hills in my neighborhood

Here’s Sunday’s “hill” run profile – it’s what’s around me, and it’s better than nothing though it’s nowhere near what I need to get good at. It’s a start.

"hilly" neighborhood run profile

“hilly” neighborhood run profile


Bike: 2x1h (M/F) plus 30 min Sat after long run
Core: 3 (M/W/F am – added in Lauren Fleshman moves and now I’m increasing reps!)
Wharton flex: 6 – may be 7 but I didn’t log it on Tuesday
Yoga: one short 20 min practice (Reclining Twists & Hip Openers)
Chiro exercises: 1 on Tues – Thurs my legs were too sore. Did do eccentric hams after Whartons on Sat afternoon, thanks to DH
Calf stretches: 7
Elliptical – 3x, at work at lunch! Got up to 20 min on Thursday! Plan to continue this on “in office” days though I’m getting busier at work and it messes with my lunch schedule and having eating be relaxing. I think the elliptical is helping strengthen my legs and definitely my brain and energy levels benefit from another workout. Have to keep an eye on fueling though, had a huge blood sugar drop Thursday, felt it as soon as I got off the machine. By the time I cleaned up, got back to my office to grab my lunch, had to take a call before I could eat, I was almost shaking. That hasn’t happened in a long time. It’s unpleasant and definitely not good for me.
Walk: 2×30 min – I’ve been / doing walking warmup for the elliptical as time allows (didn’t on Th).

How has your training been? Tried anything new? Had your schedule derailed by work or other pressing priorities?

Happy Monday!