Weekly Recap – Week of May 5, 2014

Here’s the recap of last week’s training….recall I was on travel M-F, so training was a bit different than my “usual” weeks. My recap suffers a bit from my logging while on travel, so I’m going to make this a shorter than usual post.

Run: 43.65 miles (over 40 again, yay!) Tuesday was a double run day – while on travel – haven’t done one of those in a while. Saturday I was tired so cut long run short. Felt less fatigue on Sunday, so put the miles back in then.

(hotel treadmill T-F)
T – 6.4 in the AM with a little bit of faster running, 4 at lunch at long run pace
W – 6 in the AM, long run pace
Th – 6 in the AM, long run pace
Sat – 10 (home treadmill!) long run pace
Sun – 11.25 long run pace

Bike: 1 hr ez spin M, 30 min ez spin F after arriving home, 30 min after Saturday’s run
Core: 3 (M/W/F am – added in Lauren Fleshman moves on F)
Wharton flex: 7 aka daily!
Yoga: 18 min Sage hip video from yogavibes site, Standing Hip Openers once (didn’t have as much time for this as expected)
Chiro exercises: 2 (T/Th)
Calf stretches: 3 (falling behind on this)
Elliptical (new!) – 4x: 5min, 6min, 7min, 10min after my runs! (did before one day, definitely NOT the way to go) Thinking I may try to do elliptical workouts on office days before lunch. My quads can use the help.
Walk: 1hr on hotel treadmill F AM. Increased incline by 0.5% every 0.5mi for the first half hour, then reversed that but every time I decreased incline, increased speed 0.1mph. Followed that with elliptical and a quick walk outside around the hotel to cool down.

Did pretty well while on travel, especially given I was teleworking during the day and spending time on family stuff in the afternoon/evening. Worked out every day. Didn’t get as much yoga in as I wanted, but adapted and tried some new things, a point of pride, especially when they worked well! (strides outside after runs, doing some sort of activity before eating lunch, elliptical).

So glad I had my footrubz ball, trigger point ball, theraband and stretching rope. Wished I had a roller of some type (stick, grid, roll recovery). Not perfect on food, but certainly not the worst I’ve been on a trip. Got way down on sleep due to my body’s habit of waking up around 3am, for whatever reason. That hit me hard Th-Sat. Felt a bit less tired on Sunday, and got in a massage to close out the week.

Happy Monday!