Training Recap – Week of May 19, 2014

This past week, for a number of reasons, wasn’t overall as good from a training perspective as the week before. I had some days where what happened was not what I’d wanted/planned…though I did have a couple days that were, sort of redeeming the week for me (yay). I’m trying to keep calm about it, roll with it and move on – but I’ll admit that Tuesday and Saturday were not stellar mood days because of these hiccups. I know the coming week will present challenges as I’m traveling for work, so I’ll be trying to be flexible about that too. My next A race is October, and any race before that is for a training purpose, so there’s time.

Run: 37 miles

  • T – no run. Got up and felt discomfort in both my shins and extensors (had noticed Monday night) and freaked. Reminded me of just prior to my August injury. Fortunately, I had a chiro appt. He pointed out that I’d done hills outside on Sunday (which he told me to think of as a lot of one-legged deep squats) as well as doing hill reps the prior week and adding elliptical time. All this new/extra work on my legs – plus my amped-up core routine – caused me to have tightening in my “superficial frontal line”, the collection of muscles, etc. that runs up and down the front of the body. I’ve had “superficial back line” tightness before, which messes with hams/calves. He stretched me out (just as not fun as it sounds) and calmed me down.
  • W – 4 mi, ez pace, shorter to be careful and because I ran out of time
  • Th – 8mi with long hill repeats. 3mi warmup then 10x 2min at 2%, 2min at 0%, short cooldown. This was the planned run for Tuesday (Th is strides) but I figured I needed hill work more.
  • Sat – 10 mi: 3mi warmup, 7mi ez pace. Flat. Bad night (up a couple hours with stomach trouble, then stomach cramping before run). Tired. Between that, allergies and doing the hill reps 2 days before, all explainable though disappointing. Looking at last week’s recap, my long run was much better, so getting the hill work done on Tuesday is important. No energy, motivation or enthusiasm in remainder of day. Walked for some errands and noted soreness in glutes, hips and hams, heaviness in legs. Stomach still off.
  • Sun – 15mi: 1mi warmup, 6mi 30s faster, 3mi 30s faster,  3mi current marathon PR pace, 1mi goal marathon pace, 1mi cooldown. Took 1 gel (~80 calories) between miles 6-7. This was not an easy run (though some of it was in my “ez pace” zone per McMillan) coming as it did the day after my less-than-great 10 miler and my Thursday hill reps. However, it wasn’t “I must stop” hard, and I’m pleased with it especially after my runs on Th/Sat. I’m happy I got my first “goal pace” mile in, ahead of the start of my official marathon training cycle. A separate accomplishment – given my ongoing fight with the mileage monster – is that I did NOT push myself to get 16 miles (what I think of as the low end of a long run) or 16.2 (to get a marathon distance over the two days this weekend). Of course, my cooldown mile kinda hurt, so parts of me didn’t want to, but I could have pushed it and I didn’t. 

Bike: 3 – 1h (M/W), 1h10 (F) plus 30 min Sat after run, 30 min Sun after run
Core: 3 (M/W/F am – incl Lauren Fleshman moves, still increasing reps, added a couple other exercises – really feeling this, hoping it helps)
Wharton flex: 7 (daily) 
Yoga: M – 55 min Restorative Yoga from Sage via YogaVibes. Quick (7min) Standing Hip Openers routine after bike on Friday.
Chiro exercises: 0 – worried about legs on Tues, Thurs my legs were too sore and I just gave up (not good). Will try to pick this up again next week.
Calf stretches: 7 (daily)
Elliptical – Monday, 23 min. Quads felt horrible after, though it was only 3 min more than last week, which hadn’t bothered me. Don’t get it. Elliptical also working my arms, which I think is probably good. After Tuesday’s issues (and due to a hectic work week), skipped elliptical my other 2 days in the office. I won’t be in the office at all this week, have to figure out how to build in the elliptical safely once I am back I definitely think it helps, perhaps I just loaded up too much at once.
Walk: 15 min walk on Wed, 30 min on Saturday to run errands (plus my pre-run 15 min warmups)

How has your training been? Any injury niggles, scares or problems with your body adapting to new training routines? Had to adjust your plan? Had a less-than-great run or workout followed by a good one?

Have a great week!