Friday Five – 5 Things in My Gym Bag

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This week’s theme is “5 Things in My Gym Bag”.  Make sure to stop by their blogs for their picks and hop along to the other bloggers in the linkup, featured at the bottom of their pages!

A few months ago I wouldn’t have had an answer at all to this question, but I’ve started doing a lunchtime workout at the office gym some days. I do have a locker, which is quite nice, so this is really about the contents of that (most of which get lugged back and forth weekly).

  • 2 running bras, running shorts and a tank, 3 pairs of clean socks (1 for each in-office day)
  • Deodorant/antiperspirant, Action Wipes (my fave), Nathan Shower Wipes (2nd fave) and Shower Pill wipes (using them up) – anyone got one with a lemon-ish scent? Though we do have showers in the gym, I prefer not to shower there and don’t get too sweaty. The wipes allow me to clean up for the rest of the day, and I can also douse my head and blow it dry if needed – virtues of a pixie cut. 
  • Purell Wipes and Clorox Wipes, tissues, feminine supplies
  • Emergency fuel like gel chomps or shot blox – I don’t fuel for these workouts but if my eating for the day has been off, I like to know I can grab these and eat only one or two to get me through my very short workout without a blood sugar incident
  • Empty athletic water bottle (fill at gym fountain)

My shoes aren’t on the list because I keep them locked up in my office in case I want to take them home between workouts. They’re a backup pair of older shoes and orthotics since I’m walking or on the elliptical or bike, not running.

Things that I’m counting as “in my gym bag” since they accompany me to workouts, but I take them home with me daily:

  • iphone for podcasts
  • headphones with Yurbuds

What’s in your gym bag or locker? I’m new at this “working out at lunch at the office” thing, so I could use some tips.

Happy Friday!