Weekly Recap – week of March 31, 2014

Last week of “training” for the Marine Corps 17.75k on Saturday 4/12 and the George Washington Parkway 10 Miler on 4/13. Now, a “taper” (run less miles on T/W/Th, keep a little intensity, nothing fancy).

43.2 miles run (would have liked 50, but that’s just because I want to get back over that number)
3 x 1h bike plus 30min post run Sat, 10 min post run Sun – these are all very easy spin workouts, super low resistance but high cadence
3 core workouts (my workout is basically this one)
2 Wharton flexibility workouts
2 sessions of Standing Hip Openers yoga podcast, plus a couple high lunges
A short restorative session of legs up the wall and supported backbend/cobbler pose (much needed)
multiple Roll Recovery sessions
Other: weekly chiropractor appt.

Didn’t get my chiro exercises in this week. Lack of discipline plus soreness. Need to get back to them, and have more work to do!
Highlight of the week – starting to feel the legs coming back after Shamrock! Finally, day 18 post-race. Still somewhat sore, stiff, tight but it’s getting harder to tell what’s race leftovers and what’s new, especially on Sunday’s run (following Saturday’s run).

This coming week will have me in the office T/W/Th in a lot of sitting meetings (not optimal) so I’m teleworking Monday and may take Friday off to fit in chiro and some other errands including driving an hour each way for 17.75k’s packet pickup (ugh).

If you want detail, read on. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!

Mon 3/31 – core workout, bike 60 min. Allergies started acting up while at work (could smell the outside air), then sitting on the porch for dinner and another hour or so after probably didn’t help.

Tues 4/1 – RUN: 2 mi warmup, then 2x3mi at faster pace (not yet tempo, still within easy pace; started second set closer to tempo but hams didn’t like it, so pulled back), 1mi ez between, 1mi cool down. Feet still sore from the weekend or from the race. Hamstrings seem to be the last to recover. Tendon/ankle on L its usual complaining self. I tend to think it’s PTT but chiro seems to think it’s from the whole back line on that side begin tight – hamstrings, calf, sole of foot – and just manifesting there. Annoyingly bunion/big toe bone on R sore underneath.

Woke up very congested from allergies, then probably didn’t help matters by running with the window open. Quite tired. Another night of heavy sleep mixed with bizarre nightmares. I always forget that April is when the allergies really start to get nasty and affect my energy, mood. Bleah. Good thing I had a chiro appt today. My calves are very tight – some foam roll or roll recovery is in order.

Wed 4/2 – Second week where I had wanted this to be a run day but turned it into a bike day. Legs were quite sore, either from yesterday’s run or from some chiro work that had me making fists and doing “hang on” breathing. Core workout, 60min fast/ez bike spin, a quick version of Standing Hip Openers and a high lunge. Not ideal prep for a day of meetings (sitting), but I want quality workouts Th, Sat, Sun. Need to figure out where the holes are in my recovery – strength, stretch, nutrition, and get to plugging them!

Spent too much time sitting in meetings – my L glute min was quite unhappy through the afternoon and evening. My calves were still tight and hams sore. Took a real mental effort to get myself to do my Wharton flexibility routine before dinner, but I did it. I got quite cranky in the evening about how sore, stiff and tired I was (some of that due to allergies and every night’s sleep being disturbed by something).

Thurs 4/3 – RUN: 10 mi. 2 mi warmup, then 2x3mi at still not quite tempo pace (21sec/mi slower than tempo, but 32sec/mi faster than Tuesday) with 1mi recovery between, 2nd set went 0.4 longer because I miscalculated time, so cooldown only 0.6mi. Thought about going longer but then thought “don’t be greedy, this is enough”.

Seems like this is my first really decent run (where I could feel that I was trained) since the race! I probably could have pushed the pace a little more if I wasn’t concerned about giving my hamstrings as much recovery time as possible. Decided to have Ultragen after in case lack of calories was affecting my recovery. Because I’d woken up stiff and sore (still) after a night with 1.5h of sleep lost to stomach pain, I used my Roll Recovery even before I did my walking warmup, then used it again post-run after my recovery drink. Did a quick version of Sage’s Standing Hip Opener routine. Hams still not thrilled but not as cranky. Glutes sore, hip flexors tight – gotta watch R hip, felt some odd torque toward the end. Each knee complained at some point during the run.

Started a fresh pair of shoes today, that was pleasant – have higher hopes for these as they don’t seem to be too large like the prior ones (which I abandoned pre-race). Started the shoes not only because I am pretty sure I need to (went into Shamrock with ~150 miles on the shoes, which I’ve been wearing since) but also because of next weekend’s back to back racing days. If Saturday is wet/muddy, I wanted to have a dry pair of shoes for Sunday without my first run in them being the race. I may wear the older shoes for Saturday’s race just in case, even though they’d probably lead to my feet being a bit sorer.

Fri 4/4 – core workout, 60 min on bike. Legs still felt pretty good. Worked the Cherry Blossom expo this afternoon – a lot of standing in one place and was hoarse from trying to make myself heard, but it was fun. My first running-related volunteer experience, and I’d do it again.

Sat 4/5 – RUN: 12.2 mi, 1 mi w/u, then 11.2 mi ez pace. Slept in until 6am. Last “simulation” for the 17.75k next weekend, so wore fuel belt w/ gel flask. Threw in short spiky hills (5-8% incline) for first ~0.15 of miles 2-11, followed with 0% (decline) up to 0.5 mark, then 1% for rest of each mile. Though I had gel, decided not to take it just to see how I felt. Did okay energy-wise (probably would have been better with a little gel), was quite thirsty so drank to thirst though water stops will only be every couple of miles. Another run where I turned the a/c on in the downstairs part of the house. Took my SportLegs after, 30 min on bike with Ultragen, then iced in my 110% shorts and calf sleeves while eating breakfast. New shoes still doing okay. Did some Roll Recovery later in the day.

Sun 4/6 – Woke before 5am, worried that DH wouldn’t get up to make it to Cherry Blossom on time/early. (he got up and headed out just fine)  Kept him company, then puttered for a bit (reading tweets, syncing new podcasts) before heading to treadmill after 6am.

RUN: 1 mi w/u, then 10mi at a pace 2 sec/mi faster than I ran the Parkway race last year, with a kick of speed the last 0.1mi. Started 10mi on 0% for 0.5mi since race starts downhill. Put in 0.25 incline of 2% every 2mi, followed by decline 0% to 0.5, then 1% rest of mile. Took my gel today, at (in the 10 mi segment) 2.5, 5.5 and 8.5, with a little water after, hoping to mimic where the water stops are, though I mixed water in my gel flask just in case. Wore my fuel belt yesterday and today with the single flask in the front. Noticed my stomach was sore today from wearing the belt yesterday though that’s the first time it’s happened…it’s also the first time I’ve worn it 2 days in a row so it’s good to be prepared for the soreness. Afterward, my usual 3 SportLegs and Ultragen. Short bike (10 min) because DH was calling to tell me he was on his way home post-race! Iced glutes, hams, quads, knees in my 110% gear while cooking veggies and eating breakfast of sweet potatoes and nut butter, waiting for him to get home to share the bacon.

After a hot shower, spent some time doing the legs up the wall post (ow, hamstrings) to get some fluid and icky heavy feeling out of my legs, then a few more minutes in bolster-supported backbend with my legs in cobbler pose (knees supported by yoga blocks). I used to do some of these poses (restorative yoga) much more regularly, and from how I felt, I obviously need to get back to it! I noted I was holding tension in my face especially jaw and eyes – I tend to clench my jaw. This morning I noticed I keep pulling my shoulders up to my ears when I’m running – and when I’m on the computer! (just pulled them down now) That could help explain the soreness between my shoulder blades and tightness in the back of my neck and where my neck and shoulders join. The position of my neck, shoulders, lower arms and hands is very similar on my runs, computer time (standing or sitting), driving my car or reading. Stuck in one position too long is not good! (she says, sitting on the chaise lounge on the porch in the exact same position….) Wearing my CorrectToes for a few hours this afternoon – wore them Friday and noticed it helped, forgot to wear them yesterday. Some Roll Recovery tonight, maybe some magnesium lotion on my legs before bed.

And – DH did better than he’d expected in the Cherry Blossom race, yay! We’re both running 17.75k, should be interesting to see how it goes.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading. As always, feel free to comment below or reach me via twitter or the contact form on the site. Hope you have a great Monday and a great week!