Weekly Recap – Week of April 21, 2014

This can best be described as “the week that wasn’t” thanks to a teeny tiny stomach virus with a big impact.

Run: 20.1 miles (3 days, Mon, Sat, Sun)
Bike: 2x 1h ez spin (Th/F), plus 10 min after Saturday’s run
Core: 1 (F)
Wharton flex: 0
Yoga: Standing Hip Openers x 2 (F/Sat)
Calf stretches: 4 days

After a weekend of celebrating all my tweeps/bloggy peeps sharing their pre-Boston activities online (thank you!), I was prepared to immerse myself in all things Boston and project forward to a year from the day, when I hope get to be part of the wondrous spectacle. I even took the day off work to do so – hey, they should get used to me not being around on that day, right? I’d wanted to go running with a local running store’s fun run group, had laid out my kit and everything. But.. I woke up feeling queasy and dizzy, managed to get 4 miles in on the treadmill – I do NOT recommend running while dizzy and queasy, it was most unpleasant and possibly stupid. Definitely wouldn’t have done it outside. Somehow I managed to get a little breakfast in me. Then the stomach virus hit….

I was so exhausted I could barely hold my head up to watch the Universal Sports race feed on my laptop. I couldn’t even muster the energy to get more than mildly irritated at some of the poor coverage and announcer missteps, or lack of showing enough of the women’s race. I managed to get a few sips of water/Heed in me, but that was about it.

I did manage to rouse myself to cheer the magnificent Meb, spending the last 10-12 minutes repeating “come on Meb, come on Meb” starting at a whisper and ending in a shout, tears pricking my eyes. Couldn’t have asked for a better winner, such a stellar athlete & inspiration!

Thankfully, DH came home after work and got me to take in some flat Coke (haven’t had Coke in many years) and a Japanese sweet potato (I think). I basically could only lay around with the laptop and try to read what others were saying. So that was Monday.

Tuesday, DH said he at least didn’t think he had to take me to the hospital anymore, so an improvement. I took off from work again. I don’t remember much of the day. I tried to sleep in, but sleep this week was marked with some really horrible dreams, night sweats and the stomach bug that just wouldn’t let go. Tried to leave the house for my chiro appt only to have to call them and cancel at the last minute. Even the thought of getting on the bike was too much for me. Another day of flat Coke and Japanese sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, I managed to telework, barely. I wanted to force myself to get on the bike but thought that might be a bit too over the line between stubborn/stupid even for me.

Thursday, I got on the bike and did an ez spin for an hour after waking up. It made me feel better for a little bit, then my energy dropped. I got more tired after my rescheduled chiro appointment, when he went easy on me out of pity. I started trying to eat more, though little appealed. Teleworked again.

Friday, i did my core workout for the first time this week and got on the bike for an hour ez spin. I had to go to the office as I was part of a team receiving an award (a good, happy thing – I was just too drained to enjoy it). So I even “dressed up”. Managed to get to work on time, with all my stuff….and then fell on my knees on concrete in the parking garage. That’s kind of how the day went. The left knee hurt quite badly and had some swelling. I can’t take NSAIDs, so all I could do was grab a ziploc out of my desk and prop my leg up on a file drawer to ice my knee as often as I could…which wasn’t as often as I wanted. (multiple meetings on a Friday!) Work was busier than I felt like I could deal with in my continued low energy state, and it was a long day. I was able to spend some time researching hotels for Boston (it’s not too early to get reservations, via MarathonTours.com) so that was a good thing. Had my adrenaline spiked by a surprise call from my Dad’s new doc, who misdialed me instead of my sister to give a “things are ok” update.

Saturday – 10 miles (“long”) run on the treadmill at recovery pace. Slept decently, first night all week. Tried to sleep in, but a wrong number at 6:30 am made that impossible. Noted to self – if i ever do that, at least apologize instead of just hanging up! Expected this run to feel better than it did, though I was worried about my knee. Fortunately running didn’t seem to bother it, though it was/is still slightly swollen. Actually had a moment or two when I felt like I was going to fall over and the world seemed to slip sideways, but I pulled it back. (yet another advantage of my treadmill running is that I was in a safe place when that happened) Thought at least my legs would have some pop to them after all the rest. I’ll say my hams were less sore, but I had other weird aches and pains, possibly from the fall or even from disuse. Aome parts of my body apparently function better if I use them a lot, some prefer rest – I wish they’d get on the same page! Appetite improved some. Trying to notice what appeals to me and doesn’t, and how much i really need or want to eat. I figure this is an opportunity to break or weaken bad habits.

Sunday – Second night of decent sleep! (probably means I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight) Got up, feeling a little queasy/dizzy again. I’ve been told this bug likes to hang on. I was not “feeling it” in any way, shape or form. Gorgeous outside, but decided it would be wiser to stick to the treadmill instead of my usual (ish) outside Sunday run. I’d wanted to do 6, but the first 3 miles or so were tough, even at recovery pace – I felt like I was working harder than I should be overall, not in any one aspect (not huffing, HR not elevated) so probably just overall fatigue. But around 3.1, I had a moment of feeling better and thought “if you can do 3, you can do 6, keep going” so I did. Around 4 I wanted to stop again, but told myself I was fine physically and the extra 2 miles would make me mentally feel better, so I kept going. I’ve had barely enough energy today to do cooking and food prep, and my brain isn’t playing when I try to read anything complicated. So I think the bug is still trying to have its way with me in a slower recovery, and I’m irked…which is good in that being aggravated by my limitations is usually a sign I’m getting better after an illness, but I’d rather not have anything to be irked at and be back to “normal”. Hoping that happens soon. Also realized I hadn’t been taking my lunchtime supplements, which includes my iron, for over a week. Perils of being off schedule. That could be a contributing factor, so I took it when I remembered today.

Meb and the Boston Marathon in general (read/watched so many interviews, enjoyed recaps, blog posts – yay!) were real highlights to my week, as was the amazing weather Saturday and Sunday. I got quality front porch time with beautiful flowers, bird song and some chat with @MrRdEatWriteRun (who took such good care of me this week). Also got a kick out of following those doing the Boston2BigSur Challenge (congrats Mike Wardian!) Pretty course, might want to do that one someday. Hoping for a better running week this coming week and that the bug and its effects say farewell!

Thanks for reading. I love comments, tweets, and emails so feel free to contact me. Happy Monday!