Follow Friday – Friday Five Linkup

First things first – who’s still riding the MebStrong high from Boston? (raises hand) His amazing-ness runner/race-wise and person-wise, and Shalane’s gutsy move, along with seeing Boylston Street as it should be on Patriot’s Day, flooded with celebration and happy runners, offset the low of the stomach bug that took me out of commission for several days this week. You may have noticed I skipped my recap of last week – I figured no one would be reading ME on Marathon Monday. I may at some point do a post about Boston, but so many people have said so much, eloquently, that I’m not sure I have anything to add. I am, of course, incredibly excited for next year, and already looking at travel arrangements.

Happily, to get me back into blog mode, my blog buds/local tweeps Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!Courtney at EatPrayRunDC and Mar at Mar on the Run have a fun theme for this week’s Friday Five – Follow Friday! Make sure to stop by their blogs for their picks and hop along to the other bloggers in the linkup, featured at the bottom of their pages.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Follow Friday (#FF on twitter) is a way of pointing people who follow you to people you follow in hopes of helping us all make more connections to the many awesome folks out in the e-world and “real” world who we might not otherwise find. Kind of a big warm twitter hug. Since this a blog instead of twitter, I thought I’d share five (x2) blogs I follow, ones perhaps you haven’t run across before. I’m not even scratching the surface of the (gulp) over 200 feedly says I follow (makes sense, I follow almost 250 tweeps). Perhaps over time, I’ll share more blogs I enjoy with you, since there are so many and I’m finding more all the time.


The Girl Who Ran Everywhere – the adventures of big-hearted Massachusetts marathoner (Boston, woot!) Nicole Bedard

Running with Scissors – follow Steph Jeffries from Raleigh NC “careening through life” (and most recently a trip to the Galapagos Islands!) as a mom, runner, ecologist, and writer

The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail – gutsy young Canadian Krysten Siba Bishop sparkling her way through life, athletic and otherwise, with a robotic heart, double prophylactic mastectomy, and the loss of her beloved father, always heartfelt and inspiring

Ann’s Running Commentary – Maryland runner, mom, and blogger Ann Brennan shares her life honestly, including the struggles both she and her daughter have with depression, helping many in the process

See Mom Run Far – based in Wyoming, Erin Henderson, mom of 12 (really, 12, many adopted and with special challenges) who started running April 25, 2009 (happy 5th runniversary!), blogs about family life and running as she aims at an Olympic Marathon Qualifying time – yep, she’s a fastie, but you’re gonna love her anyway (hey, she coaches!)


Misadventures in Ultrarunning – funny, LA & Texas-based mom and ultrarunner (4x member of the USA’s 24 hour championship team!), Carilyn Johnson blogs about training, parenthood, food and whatever else might cross her mind (best not to be eating or drinking when you read her posts or tweets, she can be spit-take worthy)

FitBee – NH runner, marathoner (just ran Boston at 34 wks pregnant!), ultrarunner, mom and mom-to-be and now nutrition/training coach Colleen Murphy transformed herself and shares her continuing journey

2014 Focused Ultra Year – Wisconsin marathoner, ultrarunner, personal trainer, writer and cross-country/track coach Tracey Hulick‘s training, coaching and other experiences and ponderings, often quite thoughtful or thought-provoking

The Runner’s Trip – California trail and ultrarunner and writer Sarah Lavender Smith on races, places, family

Small Steps & Serious Chafing – follow mom of 3, runner and ultrarunner Jess as she progresses to her first 50 miler

Looking through my selections above, I realize they’re all women. I do read a number of male bloggers, just not as many, so my selections this time reflect the majority. Perhaps next round there’ll be some guys.

BONUS – some tweeps to follow too, in the original #FF spirit:

Running-Related Inspiration @bartyasso @live2runbfree @mikewardian @GOi2P

Inspiration but not running-related @DalaiLama @bunnybuddhism @tinybuddha

Running-Related Education @kineticrev @TheGaitGuys @A_Tx_A

Tweeps whose wit I particularly enjoy @seedanerun @tai_fung @marclutz @fizzhogg

Food-related @RealFoodforFuel

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! Feel free to leave me a comment, tweet me or contact me via the contact form or email me at – and happy Friday!