Five Things About Me

The theme for this week’s Friday Five linkup, hosted by Cynthia, Courtney and Mar, is….no theme! Or as they call it, “Free Friday”.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some things about myself, kind of a “get to know your blogger” post.

Five Things About Me – Read

  • I learned to read when I was 3 – my sister taught me – and got my first library card shortly thereafter. When I finally had to turn it in for one in the new system (after multiple decades), it was one of the oldest the librarians had ever seen.
  • If I don’t have “enough” reading material around me to choose from (books, magazines), I get kinda nuts. There have been emergency bookstore trips and Amazon orders because of this quirk.
  • I read primarily mystery and nonfiction. I read some sci-fi/fantasy and straight up fiction. I will not read “fem jep” and serial killer/horror genres.
  • I finally started reading on a Kindle and actually like it. It might make me pack less books and magazines on a trip….maybe.
  • I subscribe to MANY running magazines (almost all of them), a couple triathlon mags (they have running info and other interesting stuff), a yoga mag and a couple of mags related to Buddhism. I gave up on women’s magazines years ago (made me much happier!) and news mags in the last couple of years.

Five Things About Me – Eat

  • I have never, ever, liked onions or bell peppers and so am not sorry at all that I can no longer eat them.
  • One of the snacks I learned from my mom was: peanut butter on saltines, topped with sweet butter chip pickles. It’s way better than you think! I grew up with Jif creamy, but I recommend natural crunchy pb for adults. 
  • I actually liked braunschweiger as a kid, and even a few years ago…but the last time I tried it was disappointing. 
  • What I think I miss most about being gluten-free and grain free are Tammie Coe cupcakes/cookies and naan.
  • I can consume a dangerous amount of produce, especially things that have to be cut up like watermelon or cooked kabocha squash, but berries are another danger zone. A quart at a time might be a bit much. 🙂 

Five Things About Me – Write

  • I edited a (published) book on wedding planning.
  • I am interested in writing about health, fitness (including running, of course), medicine, and perhaps someday freelancing. I enjoyed taking a creative nonfiction class a couple of years ago.
  • A couple of decades ago, I wrote some business “reviews” for a local paper and learned they were really just puff pieces, ads without being ads. I quit after a few because it bothered me so much.
  • When I get in a writing zone, I can forget to move, eat or drink for hours. When I come out of the zone, my brain is mush. This happens at work too.
  • I prefer the British spelling of some words, and some of the British punctuation rules make more sense to me than their counterparts in American English.

Five Things About Me – Run

  • I didn’t start running until after age 30. I was never athletic.
  • My first race was a 5k, in the rain, in my hometown. It set me completely against running in the rain. I didn’t mind being soaked to the skin, it was the “squish squish” of my soggy socks and shoes I couldn’t stand.
  • The most pairs of shoes I have bought at once (so far) is 7 – same model, same size. Since I can only ever seem to find one particular model that works for me at any given time, when they bring out the next model, if it doesn’t work for me (typical), I binge buy whatever I can find of the old to put off the shoe quest as long as possible.
  • I once took 2nd in my age group in a 5k. I didn’t realize it until we’d gotten home, several states away. They mailed me the mug, which I still have.
  • I’m interested in (maybe) being a Race Director someday, probably a small local race. I love running and worked for a number of years in project management, and before that in restaurant management/event management, so I might be reasonably good at it. I think, though a lot of time, work and stress, it would be a lot of fun!

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