Weekly Recap – week of March 24, 2014

Welcome to week 2 post-Shamrock, also known as the week I got to start running more miles!

Note – unless I mention otherwise, runs are done on my treadmill and all workouts are done in the morning (before work on weekdays). I run at a 1% incline as my default (though there is now question about whether that’s necessary, I’m sticking with it for now).

Workouts the week of 3/24:

Mon 3/24 – core workout, bike 60 min.
Tues 3/25 – RUN, 8 miles at multiple paces in recovery pace range
Wed 3/26 – core workout, bike 40 min. After work: Wharton flexibility routine, Roll Recovery
Th 3/27 – RUN, 8.3 miles at multiple paces in recovery pace range, finished a little faster
Fri 3/28 – core workout, bike 60 min.
Sat 3/29 – RUN 11.5 miles with 10 segments of 0.25mi at 3% incline, 30 min bike cooldown, Roll Recovery in evening while watching TV
Sun 3/30 – RUN 10.35 miles with 5 fartlek speed segments of 2-2.5 min, 20 min bike cool down, Roll Recovery in evening while watching TV

38.15 miles run
3.5h bike – these are all very easy spin workouts, super low resistance but high cadence
3 core workouts (my workout is basically this one)
1 chiro rx’d workout (involves some plyometric leaping, single/double leg squats on a balance board, some balance work & stretching)
1 flexibility workout
multiple Roll Recovery sessions
Other: weekly chiropractor appt.

Still getting better every day. Wednesday was intended to be a run day, and though I could have run (only thing bothering me was L hamstring which is not new), for some reason my brain kept saying “you should bike instead, why push it right now” and after much dithering – which cut my workout shorter – I biked. My L ham seemed to appreciate it, and complained less throughout Wednesday and into Thursday. Wish I’d scheduled a massage for this week.

Surprised by how sore I was after Saturday’s run. Got up Sunday and was still quite sore (especially my feet). I was worried about Sunday’s run, however it went better than I expected given how I felt. This weekend has been two days of rain here, so I’m very glad I have and love my treadmill!

2 weeks to this duo of races:

April 12
Marine Corps 17.75k

April 13
George Washington Parkway 10 Miler